Add a Wireless IR Remote Control to your Nakamichi Tape Deck

DIY to Add Remote Capability to the Nakamichi CR-1

All the decks in the CR series have remote capability except the CR-1, the bottom of the line deck. The CR-1 isn't a bad deck. It's cheap, fairly reliable, good looking, but, from the factory it didn't come with the standard 8-pin DIN Remote In connection on the back. Popping open the cover reveals a spot where a remote connector would go. I decided to add remote capability to one of my CR-1A's so that I could use one of my IR Wireless remotes with it.

The picture below shows where the 8-pin DIN connector would have gone if they added remote capability. I wonder if the PC Board is the same between the CR-1 and the CR-2. I have added the pin numbers next to the holes for the connector. I will refer to this later.

Fast Forward

Since I couldn't find a PC mount 8-DIN connector I decided to go with a panel mount instead. It was only $1.39 from my local electronics store. Using a step drill I popped a 5/8" (0.625") hole on the back thats out of the way of any brackets or components. Then I located and drilled a couple holes to mount the connector. Since I was using #4-40 hardware I used a #30 drill (0.1285") for a free fit. (Don't flame me for making the holes diagnol. I was using a pair of holes that someone else cut into the back of the deck before I got it.) Now that the connector is mounted I wired it up to the board.

Here is the DIN-8 Connector all wired up to the circuit board.

Not quite done yet. My IR Wireless remotes require that +12V be available on pin 8. To get this I added a short jumper wire on the back

I've tested this with a prototype of a new IR Wireless Remote Receiver that I am now calling the RC-7. This unit works on all Nakamichi tape decks DIN-8 remote connectors (except the 480-series) and adds the ability to control the playback head azimuth, on the CR-7, using the keypad buttons 7 & 8 on the remote. It can also control Flip on the RX series and Reverse Play on the Dragon.