Add a Wireless IR Remote Control to your Nakamichi Tape Deck

DIY to Add Remote Capability to the Nakamichi RX-202

This is a follow on to my DIY to add remote capability to the Nakamichi CR-1

The RX-505 and RX-303 decks have jacks on the back for a remote, why not the RX-202? Actually some RX-202s came from the factory with remote jacks on the back, but, most didn't. The RX-202 isn't a bad deck. Ok, it's the only one to have the inferior Sankyo transport and it's only got two heads, but, two Nakamichi heads sound better than a lot of other companies heads. Since I'm the self proclaimed Nakamichi wireless remote man I decided to add remote capability to this low man in the RX-series totem pole. It will even control the UDAR (Uni-Directional Auto Reverse) feature that the RX-series is famous for.

1) Find a panel mount DIN-8 connector. I used one that I took out of a MR-1 parts deck (it was missing one of the microprocessors). This connector is nice because that the mounting holes in the connector are threaded. Most are not and will require a nut on the inside. Drill three holes in the back of the deck. In my case I drilled two clearance holes for the M3 bolts and one 5/8" (0.625") hole for the connector. Do this with the cover off and the deck upside down so that the drill shaving don't fall into the deck. I placed my hole up near the top edge of the back in the center. This location avoids the various boards and mounting brackets and makes the connector easy to work on from the top.

2) The upgrade will require 8 wires to be added to various point in the deck. Below is a table with the DIN-8 pin number, where it goes in the deck and it's function.

Cathode D736
Cathode D729
Cathode D730
Fast Forward
Cathode D731

Pins 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 all go to the board just below the connector. See pictures below to help you locate these connection points

3) The remaining three connections are located on the left side main board (the side with the power transformer). I made my connections on the bottom of the circuit board since it was easier to solder wires on. Remove the 6 screws holding the bottom cover on.

That's it. Now that the deck has a standard 8-pin DIN Remote In connection on the back it can take one of my IR Wireless remotes.

Like the other RX-series decks an AC adapter is required to power the IR Remote Receiver. I could have wired it so that the deck supplies +12V to the remote receiver, but, then it would not be able to wirelessly control Reverse or Flip. I opt'd for wiring it to control Reverse.