Wireless IR Remote Receiver for remote capable Nakamichi Tape Decks

RM-580AP and RM-580AZ

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IR Remote Receiver for the Nakamichi ST-7 AM/FM Tuner

IR Remote Receiver for Nakamichi Tape Decks with Power Control

NEW IR Remote Receiver for Nakamichi 730 Receiver


The unit is about 2.6" by 2.6" by 1.1" tall.

The back of the unit has a cable that connects to the remote jack on your Nakamichi tape deck.  There is an AC adapter power jack to power the remote receiver when the deck does not provide power.

Compatible tape decks will have this connector on the back.  It will NOT work with the 480, 481 or 482 series decks.  These decks have a slightly different jack.

The power LED will light up when the unit is being powered by either an external power AC adapter or a Nakamichi tape deck that supplies power (580, 580M, 581, 581Z, 582, 582Z, 680, 680ZX, 681ZX, 682ZX, 700ZXE, 700ZXL, 1000ZXL, BX-300, CR-5, CR-7, LX-3, LX-5, MR-1, ZX-5, ZX-7, ZX-9). The CR-2, CR-3, CR-4, RX-303, RX-505 and Dragon do not supply power and therefore require an external AC adapter. It will also work with the 700II and 1000II, but, will need both an adapter cable AND an AC adapter.

The receive LED will light up when an IR signal is received that matches the device code selected.  This LED will light even if the button is not supported. If the device code does not match, the LED will not light.

Device Select jumpers - The left two jumpers select the Sony IR device code that the unit response to. Go here for my tested remote page. <click here>



Device Code



Sony Beta VCR (0x02)



Sony 8mm VCR (0x07)



Sony VHS VCR (0x0A)



Sony LDP/MDP (0x06) Note 1

Note 1 - Sony Laser Disc Players never had record capability and therefore didn't have a record button. This means no record capability in LDP/MDP mode.

Remote Programming Instructions

RM-580AP Board Shown Above

Jumper 3 - Dragon jumper - This selects special functionality for Dragon decks.  When jumpered, Dragon functionality is enabled.  Remove jumper for all other decks (yes, even for the RX-303 and RX-505). For most decks the remote just uses the standard transport controls: Fast Forward, Rewind, Play, Stop, Record and Pause.  For the RX-303 and RX-505 the number 1 button is used to enable the Reverse Direction control.  For the Dragon the number 1 and number 2 buttons are used to select play direction.

When the Dragon jumper is jumpered the number 1 and number 2 buttons select the direction of play that occurs the next time the Play button is pressed. When the number 1 button is pressed the deck will go into Reverse play when the Play button is pressed. When the number 2 button is pressed the deck will go into Forward play when the Play button is pressed. Note: pressing the number 1 or number 2 button will not cause any transport function to occur. It only changes the direction of play the next time the Play button is pressed. This was done because Sony remotes don't have forward and reverse play buttons like the Nakamichi RM-20 remote. When the remote receiver is first powered up it defaults to forward play.


Jumper 4 - Auto Play jumper - When jumpered Auto Play is disabled. Auto play is a feature on only a small number of decks like the LX-3, LX-5, ZX-7 and ZX-9. It allows you to rewind the tape and automatically start playing when the beginning of tape is reached. Auto play is enabled by first removing the jumper on Jumper 4. Once Auto Play is enabled it can be invoked by pressing #6 keys on the remote keypad. The deck will rewind to the beginning of the tape and start playing.


External AC Adapter - The external AC power adapter can be any DC adapter from 6V to 9V.  The remote receiver uses so little power that as long as the voltage is within range, it will work.  In other words, don't worry about the current.  The connector is a very common 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector.  Center must be positive. The unit will not be damaged if the polarity is reversed, it's just won't work.

Accessories and Pricing

The unit with an RCA universal remote is $65.  Shipping within the US is $8.  Shipping anywhere else in the world is $12.  If you have a deck that does not provide power out the remote jack like the CR-2, CR-3, CR-4, RX-series and Dragon, an AC adapter is required.  I can provide one that works with standard U.S. wall plug for $6.  For people outside of north america, you will need to find your own adapter.  Specs are 6-9 Volts DC, connector is 2.1mm (ID) x 5.5mm (OD) with center positive.

700/700II/1000/1000II compatibility requires an AC adapter as well as a DIN-8 to DIN-7 adapter cable.

Special DIN-8 to DIN-7 adapter cable for 700/700II/1000/1000II, 22 inches, $10

Extension cable, DIN-8, M-F, 6 feet, $15

I have tested a number for remotes and have a web page that matches the remote code with the jumper settings.  That page is here <click here>.

Scott J.
scott AT nakremotes.com