Wireless IR Remote Receiver for the Nakamichi 730 Receiver

All the functions of the original RM-730T are support.

Power, Radio Presets-A, B, C, D, Volume Up, Volume Down, Tuning Up and Tuning Down.

Use ANY universal remote. Just program it for Sony TV and you're ready to go.

Comes with a universal remote preprogrammed to work with the 730 Remote Receiver.

No AC adapter is required. It draws it's power from the 730 Receiver

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The unit is about 2.6" by 2.6" by 1.1" tall and can easily sit on top of the receiver or on the side.

On the front is a Infrared window through which you can see a Power/Activity LED. The LED stays lit when powered and blinks off when a IR command is received.

The back of the unit has a cable that connects to the remote jack on your Nakamichi 730 Receiver.


Here is a list of remotes I have tested with instructions and code lists. Remote Instructions

Actual remote supplied may be different than the one pictured.

There are jumpers on the board for configuring the Sony remote device code that the unit responds to, but, only the Sony TV setting supports all the functions. The VCR and Tuner settings do not support volume up/down.

Generation 1-> <-Generation 2

Sony Beta VCR
Sony Tuner
Sony TV

Remote Control Programming Instructions


730 Wireless Remote Receiver with 3 in 1 universal remote for $60.  Shipping within the US is $7.  Shipping anywhere else in the world is $12. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at scott@nakremotes.com

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