Nakamichi System Remote IR Receiver

Many of Nakamichi's tape decks have a 7 or 8 pin DIN connector on the back for the optional wired (RM-5, RM-10, RM-15, RM-200) or wireless remote (RM-580). I couple of years ago I created an aftermarket IR remote receiver that duplicated the functions of the original RM-580 in a small, affordable package. Since then I have designed and built units that add wireless remote capability to other Nakamichi units like the Nakamichi ST-7 tuner and Nakamichi 730 receiver as well as the Revox, Tascam, Teac and Akai cassette and reel to reel desks. This one adds standalone remote capability to Nakamichi tape decks that use the System Remote interface. This interface is found on the CassetteDeck 1, 1 Limited, 1.5, 2 as well as the DR-1, 2, 3, 8 & 10. Like my other tape deck receivers this one controls the standard 6 transport function (play, stop, fast forward, rewind, record and pause). One unique feature I was able to add to this unit is the ability to control two system remote tape decks with just 1 of my remote receivers. Each tape deck would need their Tape1/Tape2 switches set for different settings (one set to Tape 1 and the other set to Tape 2). They would then be controlled via a pair of remotes, one programmed for Sony Beta VCR and one programmed for Sony 8mm VCR. Of course they could also be controlled via the same remote, but, two different device codes. The included universal remote will come preprogrammed to control a deck with the switch on the back set to Tape 1.

Below are actual pictures of my Nakamichi System Remote IR Receiver. The case measures only 2.6" x 2.6" x 1".

On the back of the unit are three plugs. The one on the left is for a 6-9VDC AC Adapter. The middle and right plugs connect to your two System Remote capable tape decks. It doesn't matter which one connects to which tape deck as both outputs are the same.

On the inside are two jumper blocks, JMP2 and JMP3. JMP2 controls the remote device code which is used to control Tape 1. JMP3 controls the remote device code which is used to control Tape2.



Sony Device Code


Beta (0x02)



8mm (0x07)



VHS (0x0A)



LDP (0x06) Note 1

Universal Remote Control instructions

The remote receiver has two LEDs on the front. The one to the left is the power and receive activity indicator. It is normally lit and blinks off momentarily when a infrared signal is received that matches the jumper settings. The right LED is the Acknowledge signal back from the tape deck. When the System Remote tape deck receives a valid a command from the remote receiver it sends back a quick acknowledge signal and the Acknowledge LED will blink momentarily.

This remote adapter is available for $65 plus shipping of $7 within the US. The price includes an AC adapter needed to power the unit, one System Remote interface cables and preprogrammed universal remote control. Send me an email at if interested.