2010-03-23 I just found out that Willy Herman has duplicated a cassette alignment gauge WHS-300 and it looks like a work of art. Willy Herman is one of the few people in the US who still services Nakamichi tape decks. Check him out at www.willyhs.com

Wireless remote adapter Aiwa RC-R200 for the Aiwa AD-F990, AD-F770 and AD-F660 tape decks RC-R200

Wireless remote adapter RM ST-7 for the Nakamichi ST-7 / ST-7E / ST-70 Tuners

Wireless remote adapter RM-730 for the Nakamichi 730 Receiver

Wireless remote adapter RM-SR for Nakamichi CassetteDeck 1, 1 Limited, 1.5, 2, DR-1, DR-2, DR-3, DR-8 and DR-10

Classic Nakamichi Tape Deck Wireless IR Remote Receiver RM-580AP & RM-580AZ

Older versions of my IR Remote Receiver DISCONTINUED

Classic Nakamichi Tape Deck Wirlesss IR Remote Receiver with Power Control DISCONTINUED

Nakamichi RC-4 Serial to Parallel Converter

Nakamichi RC-4 Remote Signal Converter

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Nakamichi 730 Web Page

Current projects

Update 2011-10-05 - Revox B225 CD Player remote -> www.studerremotes.com

Update 4/29/07 - I received chips from Ireland for building a remote transmitter compatible with Nakamichi's original RM-580 receiver. This is for people who may have an original RM-580, but, are missing the remote transmitter. 8/1/07 - I think I found a set of nice big buttons to use in my remote control.

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